Shuttle Timetable


Q. How do water taxis work?

A. Melbourne water taxis operate a professional and efficient limousine-style service with a variety of options for charters and transfers to suit your travel needs.

Please remember when hiring a water taxi, the boat is solely for your party unless you are using our shuttle service from Southgate to Melbourne and Olympic parks.

Q. What times do water taxis operate?

A. Water taxis normally operate from 9.00am until midnight. Charters outside of these can be arranged but will be subject to additional costs.

Q. Where do water taxis go?

A. Melbourne water taxis operates on the Yarra & Maribyrnong Rivers. We can tailor a cruise to suit your specific travel needs or help you plan an interesting river trip.

Q. How long in advance do i need to book?

A. We recommend that you book a water taxi with as much notice as possible, however, generally a week in advance is fine. If you want to book a transfer at short notice, it is best to call the 'on water' mobile: 0416 068 655.

Q. How many people do water taxis carry?

We have three different sizes of boat:

  • Three boats which each carry up to 12 passengers (whalers)
  • Rebecca - up to 20 passengers
  • Royal barge (elizabeth anne) - up to 40 passengers

Q. What happens should it rain? Will i get wet?

A. All of our vessels have enough cover to accommodate their capacity. If the weather is fine, there are also outside areas to enjoy the sunshine.

Q. Do we have to wear lifejackets?

A. No. We have lifejackets on board however they are not required to be worn.

Q. Can my wife where heels on the boat?

A. Yes. Our vessels are easy to board, even in heels!

Q. Do water taxis have cabcharge?

A. No. We do not accept cabcharge but we do accept Mastercard and Visa.

Q. Is there a meter?

A. No. We have set prices which depend on the number of people and the distance being travelled.

Q. Are water taxis more expensive than road taxis?

A. Water taxis generally work out to be cheaper for 5 or more people. Some journeys take longer by boat than on the road (due to the meandering nature of the river and speed restrictions), but the views you see from the river are very different from those seen by road, and there is certainly no comparison to the experience of travelling on the river.

Q. How do i pay?

A. To pay with credit card, cheque or direct deposit, please arrange this when you make your booking. We ask for a credit card number and expiry date to secure the booking, and then you may pay cash on the day. We accept only Mastercard & Visa.